Essential Advice for Dog Breeders UK

There are over 30 breeds of dog that originate in England. The English people have a long history of loving mans best friend. UK Dog breeders know that breeding is no walk in the park. It is a massive challenge full of obstacles and, sometimes, disappointment. If you are passionate about our canine companions and interested in breeding, then take the time to learn, and do it responsibly.

Labrador breeders UKDog breeders UK should be aware of the following before considering raising a litter of puppies:

  • Breeders typically spend around eight weeks looking after the puppies before they are ready to go to their new homes.
  • Breeders must not only be knowledgeable about canine health care, but also must be able to advise new owners and ensure they possess all the knowledge and equipment necessary for their dog’s health.
  • Costs in the UK can run quite high for dog breeders before they see any profit. A dam and her litter may need health tests, or the dam may need a caesarean, or she may whelp a large litter of ten or twelve. Be prepared for the initial costs.
  • Breeders should be confident they can find a home for their dogs before they start breeding. UK dog breeders also need to be in a position that allows them to take puppies back if their new home doesn’t work out, for whatever reason.

Labrador breeders UK Whether you are a Bulldog or a Labrador breeder in the UK, each litter will require very specific equipment and environment conditions. It is also very important that dog breeders in the UK register all dogs and puppies with The Kennel Club and follow its Code of Ethics. The Assured Breeder Scheme aims to drive puppy farms out of business by committing to good practice. It is suitable even for novice dog breeders. More info can be found on The Kennel Club website.

  • Register the dog under your ownership and create a kennel name for yourself.
  • Have a microchip implanted in your dog (this will also register your dog with the largest database of micro chipped pets in the UK, and grant you access to an all-day, year-round lost and found line).
  • Have all relevant health checks performed (hip scoring, elbow grading, eye testing and DNA testing), and consult a breed society for more in-depth, breed-specific information.
  • Determine what whelping facilities, such as bedding, will be most appropriate for your dog.
  • Ensure you have the necessary equipment for the whelping.
  • Set up appropriate housing for the breed with sufficient room for exercise and play. Maintain clean and sanitary conditions throughout the facilities.

Labrador breeders UK Finally, dog breeders in the UK should have passion for such an important endeavour. Aside from the tangible and practical steps to breeding, here are some ideals any respectful breeder should pursue:

  • Make every possible effort to ensure your litter is an improvement on the parents.
  • Plan far ahead of mating so that each puppy that comes along will be bred in the safest environment possible.
  • Accept responsibility for each dog you breed, which means making yourself available to the new owner for questions on health, diet, exercise, etc. for the duration of that puppy’s life.
  • Draw up a contract for each puppy sold that clearly delineates the rights and expectations of both buyer and seller.
  • Ensure that each puppy has five weeks of free insurance upon leaving your kennel.

Though this advice is by no means exhaustive, if dog breeders in the UK keep it in mind they will have the best chance of producing a safe, healthy and happy litter.


5 Ways to Find Healthy Gun Dogs For Sale

The most popular Gun dog is our beloved Labrador retriever. Gun dogs are types of hunting dogs mainly used for hunting birds. The group includes breeds of Setters, Water dogs, Flushing dogs and Spaniels.

There are many unscrupulous (and unlicensed) breeders out there today so it is important to not purchase any Gun dogs you find for sale without first checking into their breeders and their background. Otherwise, you may unknowingly be contributing to the cruel industry of puppy farms.

Labrador for salePuppy farms or mills are establishments seeking to gain a profit from unsuspecting dog-lovers. They do this by breeding litters at the cheapest possible cost, then selling them at the highest possible price. This results in breeding kennels that practice animal cruelty, keep inhumane and unhygienic accommodations, and neglect the very animals they are supposed to be fostering. Many puppies purchased online and through pet shops are from puppy farms.

Most people looking for a Labrador for sale would never choose to buy from a puppy farm

Puppy farming is unfortunately common in the UK. According to the RSPCA, there are roughly 2000 of these breeding sites just in Wales, and a further 50,000 puppies are smuggled in from Ireland. In fact, it is estimated that a third of all Gun dogs offered for sale today come from these highly profitable puppy farms.

Beyond deceiving and manipulating puppy-lovers, puppy farms pose serious dangers to the puppies themselves. Many fall victims to a highly contagious disease called parvovirus, which is life-threatening, and can spread rapidly throughout a farm.

Because this virus is easily transmitted through unclean conditions, it is essential that breeders keep the environment clean and hygienic to prevent illness. In puppy farms, whose only concern is to make a profit, this is simply not a priority. And even if some poor Labrador for sale does make it through the harsh conditions of the farm, they have had so little interaction with humans that they often become difficult pets for their new owners.

Labrador for saleFinding Gun Dogs for Sale Responsibly

The best strategy for combating criminal puppy farms is to raise awareness and educate owners about the farms’ illegal and immoral activities. There are many ways to ensure that the breeder you are purchasing from is running a healthy and legal enterprise:

  • Always visit the puppy in its breeding environment. Never agree to meet the breeder in a public or neutral location. This will prevent you from observing the puppy’s living conditions or learning much about the breeder.
  • Carefully observe the dog’s interactions with its breeder. The Labrador for sale should appear familiar with its environment, and respond with affection and trust to its breeder.
  • Check the background and credentials of the breeder advertising any type of Gun dog for sale. Genuine, responsible breeders will almost certainly be registered with The Kennel Club, as should hobbyists breeding pedigree litters from their own pets.
  • Does it feel right? If something doesn’t feel right or you suspect the breeder is misrepresenting him/herself, do further research. Look at older advertisements for any suspicious patterns, such as wildly different litter sizes, breeds offered, or styles of advertising. You can also ask for references or papers of registration.
  • If you suspect a breeder operates a puppy farm, do not continue to buy your puppy. Report any illegal activity or even questionable practices to the RSPCA.

Many people are so moved by the plight of Gun dogs for sale in these farms that they adopt them as a way to save them. But this only profits the irresponsible breeders, who are then free to continue with this illegal activity. It is much better that you dutifully research the breeders you purchase from, and help put an end to illegal puppy farms. Click here to use our puppy finder but always apply the checks above when buying a puppy online.


Chocolate Lab Puppies — As Sweet as They Sound?

Often overshadowed by their Black and Golden cousins, Chocolate Lab puppies have seen their popularity grow in recent years. Unfortunately, they have also developed a rather poor reputation amongst some dog-lovers. Whether it is their supposed lack of intelligence or their intractability, let’s take a look to see if there is any truth to the myths and rumours surrounding our delicious — I mean, delightful friends.

Chocolate Lab puppies for sale The Dunces of the Class

There seems to be a notion floating around that Chocolate Labrador puppies develop more slowly than Golden or Black puppies, and are more difficult to train. This, so detractors say, is because Chocolate Lab puppies are much more easily distracted, and seem to have difficulty focusing on a given task.

But a closer look at this myth reveals it to be the hokum it is.

There are no real general differences between Labradors of different colours — they are all the same breed, after all. But Chocolate Lab puppies have historically been rarer, because the gene determining a Chocolate colour is recessive, resulting in a lower proportion of Chocolate offspring. This may have led to notions of this colour somehow correlating to a lower cognitive functioning.

Chocolate Lab puppies for sale The rumours of Chocolate Labrador puppies being dim-witted appear to stem from a few other sources as well. A prevalent claim is that Chocolate Labs are often show-bred, meaning they are bred for shows and conformation, whereas Black Labs have been work-bred and trained for field work and hunting. Black Labs, then, develop better problem-solving skills and higher cognitive abilities than their Chocolate brothers.

However, many Chocolate Labs have been very successfully trained for field-work; just as many Black Labs have gone on to become successful show dogs. Under this light, it becomes clear that neither colour indicates a particular penchant for being either a work dog or a show dog, but that it depends upon the individual and his/her manner of training. The untrainability or lack of intelligence of Chocolate Lab puppies thus becomes a stereotype with no truth behind it.

Chocolate Lab puppies for saleChocolate Labrador puppies are not people-pleasers

Perhaps stemming from the rumour that they are difficult to train, this myth claims that Chocolate Labs are not as eager to develop a strong relationship with their owners as Black or Golden Labs.

But, again, it is important not to draw correlations between unrelated physical and mental characteristics. Labradors, as a breed, have a cheerful, friendly, and personable disposition, and Chocolates are no exception. Work dogs especially develop a strong dependence on their handler, and most enjoy a healthy, happy relationship, just as with Black and Golden Labs.
So do not be fooled by any rumours you may have read on online forums or heard from frustrated trainers. Chocolate Lab puppies are indeed worthy of their Labrador name!


Standards for Black Lab Puppies

Throughout the history of the Labrador breed, black Lab puppies have generally been the most desired by handlers and owners. This is largely because they were considered the most effective working dog due to so many generations having been selectively bred for their ‘working genes’. Even though this is not proven to be true, black Labrador puppies are still the most heavily favoured among hunting circles, and have some of the most rigorous and strict standards set for them by the UK Kennel Club.

Black Lab puppies for saleBlack Lab Breed Standards

According to the Kennel Club, black Labs must be ‘wholly black.’ The coat is expected to be smooth and shiny, as well as clipped quite short. If the colour of the coat appears to be diluted, or if there are even spots or markings of a different colour, it will result in that dog’s disqualification from being shown in the ring.

It is uncommon to see a combination of colours in the the coat of black Lab puppies, but should they appear, owners are encouraged to spay or neuter their dog. This aids in the prevention of the breed standard being diluted by mixed colours and undesirable genes.

Black Lab puppies for saleThe Predominance of Black Lab Puppies

Perhaps one of the reasons black Labrador puppies have been prized over other colours is simply because they are the most common. Observing this, it would then be easy to conclude that yellow (golden) or chocolate Labs are somehow defective or abnormal. This, however, is not the case. Neither yellow or chocolate coloured coats indicate mutations or abnormalities. There is, in fact, little physical difference between the varying colours of the breed, despite myths claiming the contrary.

The colour of an individual’s coat is determined by genes. The gene corresponding to a black coat is dominant to the gene corresponding to a brown or chocolate coat. Therefore, even if an individual has both a black and brown gene, his coat will be black. The matter becomes more complicated with yellow Labs, which have genes that, under certain conditions, can override the dominant black gene. However, black Labrador puppies still remain the most common colour of the breed.

Black Lab puppies for saleThough it is still most common to see black Lab puppies for sale, gone are the days when breeders would simply cull yellow and chocolate offspring. Black Lab puppies however, still enjoy an immense popularity and continue to have predominance in the hunting and working fields.


Golden Lab Puppies – The Stars of the Labrador Family

Now one of the most popular breeds among dog-lovers, Golden Lab puppies are prized for their cheerful disposition, their athleticism, and, of course, their cuteness. However, the Golden colour has not always been the most favoured for Labrador puppies.

Golden Labrador puppies for saleThe First Golden Lab Puppies

Throughout the 19th and early 20th century, black was the heavily favoured colour for this game-hunting breed. A fair, light colour was even considered a kind of defect. So much so, in fact, that Golden Labrador puppies were often culled at birth. In the early stages of their history it was hard to find Labrador owners who specifically bred this colour!

By the 1920’s, Golden Labs were slowly beginning to grow in popularity. They had begun to diverge from the physical appearance of their black counterparts, to the point that the UK Kennel Club set a different standard for Golden Labs than Black Labs. However, it was soon after decided that all colours should adhere to the same standards, and all colours of the breed today resemble each other in virtually every standard.

Golden Labrador puppies for saleA Star Is Born!

In the early 70’s, Kleenex began running advertisements featuring a Golden Lab puppy, which proved to be immensely popular. It wasn’t long before people began clamouring for a puppy of their own to frolic in their bathroom and tear apart their toilet paper.

The breed saw a large shift in colour popularity around this time. Suddenly, Golden Labrador puppies were in higher demand, and breeders began concentrating on Golden Labs as much as Black and Chocolate Labs.

Shade to Black

‘Golden’ might be a bit of a misleading term, since there are so many shades grouped under this category. In fact, Golden Labs can range from a very pale, creamy colour to a vibrant orange-red, similar to a fox.

Golden Labrador puppies for sale

It is generally difficult to anticipate what colour a Lab puppy might be, especially without knowing the parents’ genotype (the genetic make-up that determines colour and shade). However, because Golden Labs possess a certain gene which overrides the Black and Chocolate gene-colour, if two Golden Labs are mated, they will automatically pass this gene down to their offspring and produce Golden Labrador puppies.

Dog-lovers’ appreciation of Golden Labs have fluctuated wildly in the past. From often being abandoned at birth to being celebrated in cuddly commercials, this breed has been on a roller coaster ride for the past century. Now, it looks as though they have won a permanent place in our hearts, and are here to stay. So the next time life has you down look to Golden Lab puppies for inspiration (and a few awwww’s).


The Great Divide – Dual Champions

Split in the Breed

It is unlikely that there will be any more dual champion (last one being born in 1946), due to a split in the breed. This has gradually happened for a number of reasons. The Labrador is no longer purely a working dog who is judged by his abilities, As a result of his wonderful, easy going nature, he has become the most popular breed in many countries, living alongside us a family pet. This means that dogs and bitches have been bred from with gradually changing temperaments and physical features.

Field Trial

Two extremes of this are the competitive field trial dogs, who are of a lighter build than the P1030541original dogs, and, in many cases, do not possess the features required in required Breed Standard (the blueprint for the breed). Points such as otter-like tails for use as a rudder; correct, dense, water and weather resistant coats; and the general conformation that enables the dog to move about with the minimum of effort and least amount of stress on bones, joints and ligaments, are not featured highly in the breeding of field trial dogs.

Show Type

The show type of Lab has become somewhat heavier and more stockily built over the years. Many of them are not given the opportunity to show if they are capable of the doing the job that the breed was originally bred for, and it is impossible to know how much of the instinct is still there in dogs that are shown but not worked. Most Labradors will pick up things around the home, but that is a long way from displaying if they would really make good retrievers in the field. There is no way of knowing if they would be gun-shy, hard-mouthed or have the biddable temperament that is so receptive to training.

In the middle of this divide, there are a number of breeders who still strive to conform to the Breed Standard while also producing a dog that is capable of being a good shooting companion and picking-up dog.


The Puppy Farmer

Who and what are they…

By and large, a puppy farmer is everything a responsible breeder is not. In many cases, a number of breeds will be produced at the same establishment, although some puppy farmers specialise in Labradors because the are easy sellers. A puppy farmer cares little for the welfare of the stock bred or reared – the motive for breeding is purely financial.

Generally, little thought or planning goes into matching a dog and bitch, and the unfortunate bitch may be mated season after season. This will continue without respite until she is beyond on the age of producing puppies, whereupon she will be discarded. A puppy farmer will not consider the temperament of the puppies and will rarely let you see the parents of the puppies offered for sale.

Always be wary of claims that the puppies are registered. Anyone can register pups with the Kennel Club if they have KC registered parents – and many puppy farmers do. This may be one of the problems, as people see Kennel Club puppies in an advert and consider it an automatic sign of quality of which it is not.

A puppy farmer may be more than happy to take your money, he/she will fail to offer good advice about the breed, and will not take the puppy back if you should encounter problems with your puppy’s health or temperament, or change of circumstances. Obviously avoid this type of breeder and if possible report them to the authorities.




White Labrador Magic

Is there such a thing as a white Labrador?

Officially a “white Labrador” is not a recognised colour. As you are probably already aware the Kennel Club only recognises three colours of Labrador Retriever – black, yellow (golden) and chocolate. True white Labs (not albino) are nearly always a very pale cream version of the yellow Labrador. A white Labrador should have pigmentation on their nose, dark eyes and you should still see touches of cream in their ears.

White Labrador puppiesYou can have a range of variations in colour of the yellow Labrador from a white appearance to a fashionable red fox. This is due to genetics and usually by chance. The colour of a litter of Labrador puppies can contain black, yellow and chocolate. It’s worth pointing out that two black parents can still have yellow Labradors in their litter.

Many people ask if it is possible to have a white labrador with blue eyes. The answer is yes! But only for puppies. Lab puppies can have blue eyes but they will change to beautiful golden brown after 3 – 4 months.

A good breeder will not ‘specialise’ in white labrador puppies

When choosing a puppy from a litter, temperament should be top priority and the colour should be irrelevant. A breeder should not advertise that they only specialise in white labradors for sale. A good breeder will not try to produce puppies with the aim of making them a certain colour. The most important thing to consider when breeding is improving the breed and if a white Labrador is the result, then luck is on your side!

white Labrador puppies for sale




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Bellaroyal Chillie Pepper, Retriever (Labrador) stud dog


Bellaroyal chillie Pepper (Rooibos)5

Rooibos is a handsome very dark Fox Red Dog with 0 -0 hips, 0 elbows, GPRA DNA tested clear/normal and is hereditary clear of CMN & EIC. He has a wonderfull temperament, has loads of energy and potential.

His Field Trial Awards to date are:-
2013 – 1st in the Arun & Downland Novice Walked Up Field Trial
2012 – Certificate of Merit in the Labrador Retriever Novice Trial.
2012 – 2nd in the Arun & Downland Novice Walked Up Field Trail.

Puppies sired by Rooibos are suitable for both pet and working homes.

Visiting bitches must have taken part in the KC health schemes for Hips scores and hold a current clear eye certificate
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