Fees & Tariffs
Lovable Labradors has five different services. Below are the prices for each service and the length of time each advert will be displayed.
Subscription: £15- 1 year term
The Subscription, allows you to display as many adverts as you wish, including Puppies for Sale, Stud Dogs, Dog Services & Dog shows. This offers you the best value for money if you need multiple adverts!
Puppies for Sale: £10, Displayed for 3 months
Puppies for Sale, allows you to advertise a litter of puppies for 3 months, offering you excellent value for money on single litters!
Stud Dogs: £5- Displayed for 3 months
Stud Dogs, allows you to advertise a stud dog for 3 months, the best option if you are new to offering a stud dog for use.
Dog Service: Free- Displayed for 3 months
Dog Service, allows you to advertise your dog related service, from dog grooming to dog boarding. Great for that extra marketing!
Dog Show: Free- Displayed for 3 months 
Dog shows, allows you to advertise all different kinds of dog shows all over the country!